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Monday, November 20, 2023 (5:00 PM - 6:30 PM) (GMT+8)


EMCC Asia Pacific Region

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About the Session

Join us to explore the journey from NeuroDiversity to NeuroInclusion and discover how inclusive workplaces can harness the power of diversity for more vibrant and sustainable long-term growth. 

1. Raising Awareness: 

We will have higher awareness about the importance of neurodiversity in the workplace, shedding light on the unique talents and perspectives that neurodivergent individuals bring to the organizations and teams.

 2. Understanding Neurodiversity: 

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of what neurodiversity encompasses, including conditions like autism, ADHD, and more, which is essential for fostering an inclusive work environment. 

3. Overcoming Stigma: 

Addressing the stigmas and stereotypes associated with neurodiversity, we will explore how to create a workplace culture that promotes empathy, acceptance, and support for neurodivergent employees. 

4. Understanding Neurodiversity and Its Intersections: 

Participants will gain a perspective of how neurodiversity intersects with other aspects of identity, contributing to a more holistic view of diversity. 

5. Practical Strategies: 

Attendees will learn practical strategies for providing accommodations to neurodivergent individuals ensuring they can thrive professionally. 

6. Benefits of NeuroInclusion: 

The session will emphasize the myriad benefits of a neuroinclusive workplace, including improved creativity, innovation, and employee well-being.

Contributed to the DEI Conference by:

Vipul Malhotra

EMCC Ambassador for Hong Kong

This webinar is part of the 2023 EMCC DEI Conference: Being, Belonging & Becoming.

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All sessions are complimentary, even for non-members. Our main goal is to open up supportive and educational conversation diversity, equity and inclusion. 

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    Sonal Singh

    Coach at ACC is an ICF certified Coach for ADHD and Family Coaching